The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş.'s (referred to herein as ""Nfinity Games"") privacy practices and rights, which Nfinity Games respects. It is therefore important to make available to on-line visitors an explanatory document outlining how their personal details are collected, processed and utilized (hereafter the ""Privacy Policy"").
This Privacy Policy applies to the domains, their sub-domains and services affiliated to under the name of Nfinity Games.

T his Privacy Policy respects all applicable laws on data protection. However, while using aforementioned domains, sub-domains and/or services, you may be able to access third party services (via external links, advertisements or other means), including co-branded and/or other affiliated websites which are not owned or operated by Nfinity Games. Those third parties have their own set of privacy and information practices or policies, and Nfinity Games is not responsible for the privacy practices, policies, or the contents on the websites of third parties. The usage and the security of the information you provide in those third parties is at your own discretion.

Types of Information We Collect

The collection and/or storage of the information usually takes place in the context of either of;

  1. Account Registration for domains and/or all kinds of services,
  2. The purchase of items or services through our on-line stores,
  3. During visits or logins to the websites and services
  4. Contests, Tournaments and/or Event registrations,
  5. Player match-up services,
  6. Customer service interactions such as but not limited to: consumer complaints (tickets), informative communications
    and permission requests,
  7. Surveys,

The collected information may include personal information such as but not limited to; your name, date of birth, email address, phone number, physical address and/or any other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual. Part of this information(s) may not be required to access Nfinity Games domains, sub-domains and services. You may not be able to use or access certain products, services or features that require registration and/or receive materials such as newsletters unless such related information and permission is provided to Nfinity Games. Technical and usage information such as your IP address, your browser type, browser language and signature, referring and exit URLs, interactions with other users, service usage statistics, and device identification information regarding the computers, the servers, or other devices with which you use Nfinity Games services from can be collected and stored.

Sharing Your Information

Nfinity Games does not share the information you have provided with third parties except the following condition(s). Some services such as newsletter and/or SMS marketing, are provided in conjunction with affiliated companies, and for the provision of these services, Nfinity Games may share your personal information with it's affiliated companies. Anonymous information can be shared with third parties for various purposes, including for the purpose of explaining user demographics, improving the quality or delivery of Nfinity Games services and available marketing materials.

We may use third party service providers, such as payment gateway companies, platform service companies and analytics companies; to help us provide or improve the Services we offer to you. We may share information about you with these third party service providers so that they may provide their services to us in order to allow a proper functioning of the Service. We may share your information with our partner licensors and developers during and upon termination of the contracted service in case the license agreement with the partner licensors and developers requires as such.
We may provide information about you to third parties where we have a good faith belief that doing so is required by law or to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities. We may also provide your information to third parties in order to protect the rights of Nfinity Games or property of a third party.
In case of major business transition, a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of its assets, we may transfer the information about you to the successor organization.
We may share the information with third parties for email or SMS notification in the event that you agree to receive the notification including newsletters or promotions.

Nfinity Games is entitled to collect and store information about your actions and information communicated or shared by users even but has no obligation to monitor the services and/or the domains. Your actions on the site or services including on-line game participation and actions in game may be collected and stored in regards to improve the service or protection against infringement/violation of our property and/or rights as well as illegal actions which endanger the safety of you or other users.

The usage and viewing of the informations Users provide and use within the aforementioned domains and sections are exclusive for Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. company. These informations will be used by Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. with the guarantee that the no harm or disadvantage will be reflected to the User, Visitor and/or Members. These informations and datas cannot be transfered, purchased or used by third parties under no condition. However, these information can be used for statistical purposes without personal information. Users', Visitors' and Members' web based other activities will not be tracked or stored.

Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. informs and guarantees that Users', Visitors' and Members' personal passwords, e-mail addresses, credit card information and any similar information will not be published, transferred or announced in any platform.

Unless there is a request or inspection from legal channels, Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. will not share any information and/or data of Users, Visitors and Members which is created due to the usage of the aforementioned domains and sections. The security and privacy of these informations are limited to Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş.' domains.

Users, Visitors and Members accepts that the informative and reminder e-mails sent by Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. are in their own responsibility. The contact information for these channels, will not be shared by Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. to third parties. The game Admins and Moderators, who have security permissions and clearance from Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. can review the Users', Visitors' and Members' information for inspection but cannot share it with third parties. Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. cannot be held responsible for the contents and effects of the unofficial advertisements using Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. title. Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş. hold the right to change and update the security protocols without prior notice.