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  • [PB] ?What is a "Promo Item Coupon Code" and how do I redeem a code I have recieved

    Q: What is Promo Item Coupon Code?

    A: Promo Item Codes are the 16 character codes that are used by Point Blank TAM to let users redeem codes from the Website.

    Q: How Do I Redeem my Promo Item Coupon Code?

    • A: There are a few steps to redeem a Promo Item Coupon Code.
    • 1- Login to Point Blank Tam Website with your existing or newly created account.


    Click to “Coupon” text that is located below your login information



    • On the screen that comes next after clicking “Coupon”,  Enter the 16 character code the the black textbox and Click the button next to the Text box. If your code is available to be used. The website  will tell you.  



    • There are a few points to be careful of when you are entering your code,
    • a. Make sure there are dash symbols between each 4 characters for example a correct code should look like this: AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD, any code that has more or less than 16 characters are invalid and the website will give an error.



  • [PB] What are the In Game points? - ما هي نقاط اللعبة؟

    They are the points that you get from winning the matches and you can use it to buy some weapons inside the game

    (Notice: there are some weapons that can’t be bought by Points you have to buy them by the TG and also the weapons sold by Points can’t be bought by TG)


    هي النقود التي تحصل عليها من داخل اللعبة عند حل المهمات أو الفوز ببعض المباريات أو قتل العدو بإصابته بطلقة واحد بالرأس وباستخدام هذه النقاط يمكنك شراء بعض الأدوات الموجودة داخل متجر الأدوات

    (ملاحظة: هناك بعض الأدوات التي لا يمكن شرائها باستخدام نقاط اللعبة, بحيث يمكنك فقط شرائها باستخدام تام غولد.)

  • [PB] What is the TG (TAM Gold)?

    What is the TG (TAMGold)?

    It’s the Nfinity Gold which are the coins that you get when you pay using one of the payment methods and by these coins, you can buy a lot of things in the item shop inside the game

    (Notice: there are some weapons that can’t be bought by TG you have to buy them by the In-Game points and also the weapons sold by TG can’t be bought by Points)


  • [PB] What does Rank (Level) system mean?

    In Point Blank there is an original system to ranked players. Basically there are two sections in ranking system which are regular ranks and General ranks.

    In regular ranks, collecting XP which belong to that rank is enough to level-up.

    In general ranks, there are limitations in every general ranks in quantity which means there will be limited players in every general ranks.  Also there is percentage system that ranks general players and increase the competition.   

    The limitations of General ranks as below.
    Chief of staff:                                 1
    General:                                         49
    Lieutenant General:                     1450
    Major General:                              3500
    Brigadier General:                         limitless


    Percentages for General Ranks:
    For Brigadier General:     %5
    Major General:                 %4
    Lieutenant General:        %3
    General:                            %2
    Chief of staff:                   %1

    There must be only one Chief of staff in the first rank. To become a Chief of staff, players always have to pass the first ranking player in the XP ranking.


  • [PB] How to react agains account stealing cases?

    Players are responsible for Security of their accounts. This means that we expect from our players not to share their account info with other players or people.

    If you suspect stealing case, you should change your password via first mail ASAP and login the PB TAM website to check any unusual situations of your account info. If there are changes like secret questions or second mail address, you should change them too. Also you should not write the same password for your first mail and PB TAM account. If you cannot reach your first mail then you cannot have your PB TAM account back.

  • [PB] How can I change/recover my password?

    If you forgot your PB TAM password, you can change it via your mail.

    1) First enter PB TAM website and click the “Forgot Password” link ,it’s below the login section at the left of the site.

    2) On the next window you should choose which way to use to change password.

    3) If you choose first way that means you will be using first mail to change password. In this way you should type your first mail address and captcha. Then you will find a mail in your mail box >click the link inside the mail and change your password.

    4) If you choose second way this means you will be using second mail to change your password. In this way you should type your first mail address and captcha. Then you will find a mail in your mail box but in the second mail box.

    5) If you choose third way this means you will be using secret question to change your password. In this way you should type your first mail address and captcha. Then you enter your secret answer and change your password.

  • [PB] How can I change my forum nickname?

    You cannot change your forum nick after It is settled. So you need to be careful to select at first place.


  • [PB] How can I change my In-Game nickname?

    To change your nick name in game, you can use “Change Nickname” coupon in market at item section.


  • [PB] How can I use the PB Turkey reward coupon?

    1) Copy the coupon you receive in mail box by selecting it
    2) Login to PB Turkey website
    3) Click the coupon link on the left side
    4) Paste the coupon which you copied before in equipment coupon section.
    5) When you login into the game, you will find the reward in Inventory>item section.


  • [PB] How can I reigester and verify my e-mail address?

    1) Please login to Point Blank TAM web page with your mail address and password

    2) On Left side, click on "My Page" Button after login

    3) Enter your password to manage your account

    4) Click on "Verify" Button near to E-MAIL address of your account under GENERAL Information section

    5) Please check your in-box of registered e-mail address and verify your account by clicking to relevant link

    6) When you enter your mailbox, you will see the mail with the subject “[Nfinity Games] Mail Verification”. Open the mail and click on “click here” link. The link will lead you to Point Blank TAM page and you will receive “Success” message with your reward code which will be sent to your mail address”.

    7) Now your account is activated. As a reward you receive Point Blank TAM Point Bomb.

    8) When you click on the reward button, you will receive the reward coupon in your mailbox




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